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Senior Teaching Assistants
"Red Shirts"
     Senior Teaching Assistants are known as "Red Shirts."  Their primary responsibilities are to assist the coaches during the class by managing strips and leading individual and group drills as directed by the coaches.  They are integral to managing Amarillo College's Beginning Adult and Children's Classes, the Intermediate Children's Class and the Intermediate-Advanced Adult Class.
     Red Shirts are ACFA's most experienced fencers.  They have been appointed by the Head Coach after consultation with the other coaches and confirmed by the Board.  Most, if not all, have competed at USFA National Competitions, including the National Junior Olympic Championships.   Most hold a USFA classification in one or more weapons.  Some of these fencers also hold a "Fencing Instructor" or "Assistant Moniteur" certificate from the United States Fencing Coaches Association.
     All Red Shirt terms are one year, beginning August 1st and ending July 31st.  ACFA's current Red Shirts include:
  • Grace Castleman
  • Micah Castleman
     While the Red Shirt program is primarily designed to assist with the smooth operation of the Amarillo College Fencing Classes, the Red Shirts also serve ACFA as an extension of the coaching staff.  They are asked to serve as strip coaches at tournaments for other ACFA fencers when coaches are not available.  They also serve as mentors for new fencers.


The "Red Shirts" listed below served since 1999 when Amarillo College Salle d' Armes (subsequently renamed Amarillo College Fencing Academy, Amarillo College Fencing Association and Amarillo Competitive Fencing Association) was created.
  • Christy (Gwyn) Adams
  • Jeremy Bauman
  • Gene Branum
  • Evan Burner
  • Noah Burner
  • Caitlin Carroll
  • Grace Castleman
  • Luke Castleman
  • Micah Castleman
  • Travis Conway
  • Anthony Durante
  • Nicholas Durante
  • Josh Evans
  • Noah Glenn
  • Kent Hilton
  • Michelle Lacko
  • Alex Laugesen
  • Aaron Morgan
  • Hillary Morgan
  • Derik Nusz
  • Juleah Nusz
  • Ben Simpson
  • Macy Slagle
  • Jared Slaughter
  • Justin Stephens
  • Ashton Thephaphine
  • Danny Tickner
  • Calvin Wilkinson
  • Jered Wilkinson
  • Claudia Wrampelmeier
  • Cole Wrampelmeier

The following "Red Shirts" assisted Head Coach Emeritus Richard Howard in the fencing classes at Amarillo College before it was a USFA / USA Fencing competitive program:

  • Vernon Evans
  • Danny Lumpkin
  • Allen Klausen

Junior Teaching Assistants
"Green Shirts"
     Junior Teaching Assistants are known as "Green Shirts."  Their primary responsibilities are to assist the Coaches and Red Shirts by participating in individual and groups drills with beginning students and managing AC and club equipment during the beginning fencing classes.  They are responsible for removing equipment from the storage room before class and properly storing the equipment after class.  They do not hold any office or supervisory responsibilities except as designated by the coaching staff during fencing classes.
     To be eligible to be a "Green Shirt," a fencer is required to demonstrate basic fencing skills to the Head Coach and demonstrate a knowledge of fencing terminology.  They must also be able to teach basic skills to beginning level fencers.  The Head Coach will decide how many "Green Shirts" will be appointed each semester.
     Many of these fencers were in the beginning children's class and have "aged out" of the children's program (which happens at age 13).   These fencers are required to register for the Amarillo College Intermediate-Advanced Adult Fencing Class.
     ACFA's Active Green Shirts are:
  • Woodrow Clendennen
  • George Gasparovich
  • Rebekah Gasparovich
  • Ben James
  • Griffin McUne
  • Saralyn McUne
  • Mackenzie Nies
  • Dillon Talbott


The "Red Shirt" and "Green Shirt" program at Amarillo College is designed SOLELY for the AC Fencing Classes.  All Teaching Assistants and Coaches should wear ACFA BLUE SHIRTS whenever and wherever they compete for ACFA.