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Calvin fencing Hobbes

"Past & Present"
who started fencing in the Amarillo College Leisure Studies (Personal Enrichment) Youth Fencing Classes
The following ACFA competitive fencers have all been fencing students in the Amarillo College Youth Fencing classes.  We are proud of all our youth fencers!   The fencers are listed approximately in order by the date of their first (and, in some cases, only) fencing tournament.
  1. Tanner Willis
  2. Lauryn Stewart
  3. Jackson Asbury
  4. Erik Evans
  5. Josh Rogers
  6. Ross Proctor
  7. Ashley Willis
  8. Juleah Nusz
  9. Derik Nusz
  10. Jered Wilkinson
  11. Jeremy Bauman
  12. Jon Hairston
  13. Caitlin Carroll 
  14. Riley McGill
  15. Claudia Wrampelmeier 
  16. Zachary Taylor
  17. Cole Merki
  18. Emily Akins
  19. Travis Conway
  20. Grady Thompson
  21. Jackson Dodd
  22. Jonathan Ross
  23. Justin Stephens
  24. Brynne Voran
  25. Cody Maxey
  26. Colin Stradley
  27. Noah Glenn
  28. Ashton Thephaphine
  29. Lydia Wilkinson
  30. Benjamin Hilton
  31. Claire Cockerham
  32. Stephanie Cunningham 
  33. Joshua James
  34. Andrew Akins
  35. Aaron Akins
  36. Rhyann Bryant
  37. Lexi Martin
  38. Joshua McCormack
  39. Jordan McCormack
  40. Luke Castleman 
  41. Annelise Coury
  42. Madilyn Ksor 
  43. Nik Branstine
  44. Micah Castleman
  45. Grace Castleman 
  46. Rebecca Cunningham
  47. Abby Slagle
  48. Nicholas Foster
  49. Cord Cnossen
  50. Will Langley
  51. Jonah Loomis
  52. Colby McCahan
  53. Slaten Rogers
  54. Josie Brown
  55. Sagan Adams
  56. Zachary Moore
  57. Anthony Durante
  58. Preston Mann
  59. Easton Gill
  60. Iain Carpenter
  61. Ivett Olivas 
  62. Ashton Klein
  63. Mackenzie Nies
  64. Brayton Helton
  65. Levi Castleman 
  66. Jacob Little
  67. Holly Wrampelmeier
  68. Woodrow Clendennen
  69. Saralyn McUne
  70. Jordan Lumpkin
  71. Cadence Maynard
  72. Colby Cherry
  73. George Gasparovich
  74. Dillon Talbott
  75. Ethan Nelson
  76. Griffin McUne
  77. Kaylee Parker
  78. Aimee Parker
  79. Jessica Talbott
  80. Ben Reeves
  81. Keane Tao
  82. Jeff Zheng
  83. Megan Cameron
  84. Marshall Pjesky


Amarillo College Bumper Sticker

Claire Cockerham & Stephanie Cunningham
Claire Cockerham & Stephanie Cunningham

Spring 2006 Semester
Medalists in Both Tournaments

Fall 2004 Class Tournament
Jered Wilkinson & Derik Nusz

Fall 2004 Youth Class Tournament Gold Medal Bout
Juleah Nusz vs. Jeremy Bauman in Fencing Bout
Juleah Nusz & Jeremy Bauman

Spring 2004 Class Tournament Winners
Justin, Jered, Schuyler (back), Derik, Juleah, Jeremy, Joshua (little guy), Chuck, Alex, Lauryn

Fall 2003 Semester
Tournament Medal Winners

Youth Class Getting Started
Lauryn Stewart

AC Youth Class
Stretching at the start of class!

AC Youth Class
Distance Drill

The very first Semester of Youth Fencing.
AC Youth Fencing Class
Jackson Asbury & Erik Evans

This page is for stories and pictures about the competitive youth fencers who are members of Amarillo College Fencing Association and the fencing students in the AC Leisure Studies Fencing Classes.  What is a Youth Competitive Fencer?  Any fencer who is eligible to compete in Youth 10, Youth 12, and Youth 14 age categories.