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Fencing Lesson

ACFA Tournament Calendar
August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014

Sept. 14 - 15, 2013
Nick Toth Memorial Fencing Tournament
US Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, CO
Sept. 28 - 29, 2013
14th Annual Amarillo Open Fencing Tournament
Senior Foil, Epee & Sabre
Junior Foil & Epee
Y14 Foil & Epee
Carter Fitness Center
Amarillo College
Amarillo, TX
Oct. 5, 2013
Cliff Wilson Memorial Fencing Tournament
Division 3 Senior Foil, Epee & Saber
Texas Tech
Lubbock, TX
Oct. 19 - 20, 2013
Falcon Open Fencing Tournament
US Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, CO
Nov. 23, 2013
New Mexico Open Fencing Tournament
Albuquerque, NM
Dec. 7, 2013
Plains Texas Division Junior Olympics Qualification Tournament
Cadet, Junior
AC Fencing Salle
Amarillo College
Amarillo, TX
Feb. 8 - 9, 2014
Texas Tech Open Fencing Tournament
Senior Foil, Epee & Sabre; Team Foil & Epee
Texas Tech
Lubbock, TX
Plains Texas Division Summer Nationals Qualification Fencing Tournament
Y14, Div II, Div III, Vet
Details on\
Santa Fe Challenge Fencing Tournament
Santa Fe, NM

August 1, 2013 - July 31, 2014

Oct. 11 - 14, 2013
USA Fencing October North American Cup
Cadet, Division II, Y14
Milwaukee, WI
Nov. 8 - 11, 2013
USA Fencing November North American Cup
Division I, Junior, Senior Team
Cleveland, OH
Dec. 13 - 16, 2013
USA Fencing December North American Cup
Division 1, Cadet, Veteran
Dallas, TX
Jan. 17 - 20, 2014
USA Fencing January North American Cup
Division I, Junior, Senior Team
Virginia Beach, VA
Feb. 14 - 17, 2014
USA Fencing Junior Olympic Championships
Cadet, Junior, Junior Team
Portland, OR
March 14 - 17, 2014
USA Fencing March North American Cup
Division 3, Youth, Y10 Team, Y14 Team
Memphis, TN
April 11 - 14, 2014
USA Fencing National Championships
Division 1, Wheelchair
USA Fencing April North American Cup
Division 2, Veteran, Veteran Team
Minneapolis, MN
June 22 - July 3, 2014
USA Fencing National Championships
Y14, Div 1A, Div 2, Div 3, Senior Team
Vet 40-49, Vet 50-59, Vet 60-69, Vet + 70
USA Fencing July North American Cup
Y10, Y12, Cadet, Junior, Junior Team
Columbus, OH

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Register for Summer & Fall Fencing Classes at Amarillo College.


ACFA Head Coach Chuck Slaughter

August 2012

Message to ACFA

Over the years that I have been a Coach and, more recently, Head Coach at ACFA, I have come to love the fencers and their families.  I suppose that it is impossible that so many people with such strong personalities will always get along with each other all of the time.  I have always hoped that common sense would prevail and I would not have to become that Coach who has to constantly correct people's behavior in the salle.  Apparently, that is not the case.  We have had concerns raised by various persons regarding the behavior of other persons in the salle.  Some of the concerns are valid and, in my opinion, some are not valid.  Without discussing the merits of those concerns, however, I do believe that some changes will have to be made.

First, the Safety Rules posted in the fencing salle are going to be more vigorously enforced by the coaching staff.  I have already reviewed those rules and my interpretation of those rules with a significant number of our members.  Over the next month, I intend to complete that review with all members.  Every fencer will be required to sign an acknowledgment of the rules and agree to abide by the rules before they will be allowed to fence as a member of ACFA.

Second, I want to reiterate that the senior and junior teaching assistants (red and green shirts) are just teaching assistants.  They have no supervisory or disciplinary authority except as directly authorized by a coach during the fencing classes.

Third, I need to remind everyone that fences that they must be a registered student in an AC fencing class in order to fence in the salle during the semester.  Between semesters, we have more flexibility during ACFA practice times.  So please make sure that you are registered in the appropriate fencing class.

We will continue to improve our fencing program at AC.  Change is always necessary in order to improve.  Thank you so much for all that each one of you do.





Jacob Miller

JACOB MILLER was an ACFA Fencer from 2003 to 2005.  The following is his Obituary.   ACFA offers it's condolences to his parents, John and Rebecca Miller and their family.

Jacob Christopher Miller
Date Of Birth: 11/19/1987
Date Of Death: 10/30/2011
Service Date: 11:00 am, Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jacob Christopher Miller, 23, of Galway, New York, passed away Sunday, October 30, 2011.
Jacob was born in Withington, England on November 19, 1987, to John and  Rebecca (Johnson)  Miller.
He graduated from the Portus Dei Academy and attended KSU-Salina and Mid-America Nazarene University.  He was a lifetime member of the Church of the Nazarene. 
Jacob was a Petty Officer 3rd Class in the United States Navy, and was in training as a Machinist Mate (MM3) attached to the Nuclear Power Training Unit in Ballston Spa, New York.  
Jacob is survived by his parents; sisters, Tamra Miller of Kansas City, Missouri, Victoria (Philip) Lee of Nickerson, Kansas, and Mary Miller of Kansas City, Missouri; brother, Isaac (Julie) Miller of Overland Park, Kansas; grandmothers, Myra G. Johnson widow of Moody Johnson, and Donna Nerem-Miller; niece, Keziah Lee of Nickerson, Kansas; nephew, Malachi Lee of Nickerson, Kansas; as well as numerous extended family members.

He was preceded in death by his grandparents, David and Marilyn Miller.

Funeral Services will be at First Church of the Nazarene, Salina, Kansas, at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 5, 2011, with Dr. Edmond P. Nash officiating.
Visitation will be from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Friday and from 9:30 am - 10:30 am Saturday, at First Church of the Nazarene, 1425 S. Ohio, Salina.

Memorial contributions may be made in Jacob's name to Mission Aviation Fellowship,


Juleah Nusz Wins Silver Medal at Nationals
     Juleah Nusz won the Silver Medal (2nd out of 108 fencers) in Junior Women's Epee at the Summer National Championships in Atlanta. She came within 3 points of repeating as Junior National Champion. She went 5 and 1 in pools and was seeded 14th into the direct elimination rounds. She earned a bye into the round of 64. Her direct elimination bouts included a 15-11 win over Semmel; a 15-14 win over Edwards; a 15-14 win over Samorodov; a 9-8 win over Bassa (with 1 second to go in the 3rd period); a 15-13 win over Kopecky; and, in the gold medal bout, a 12-15 loss to Van Brummen.
     Juleah also earned a 7th Place "Finalist" Medal in Division 1A Women's Epee and finished in 18th Place in Division 1 Women's Epee at Summer Nationals.
     She represented ACFA with skill and class. Way to go, Juleah!
Amarillo Open Designated a Division 1A and Veteran Regional Open Circuit (ROC) Tournament by USFA
     The 11th Annual Amarillo Open Fencing Tournament, scheduled on October 2 - 3, 2010, has been designated as a Division 1A and Veteran Regional Open Circuit (ROC) Tournament by USFA.
     This means that national points can be earned by fencers in the Division 1A and Veteran events at the Amarillo Open.  Only 12 tournaments in the USA have earned this designation for the 2010 - 2011 fencing season.
     Preregistration is on Ask FRED.  CLICK HERE to see who's signed up and to preregister.

Juleah Nusz Earns 10th Place
at Division 1 NAC in Women's Epee
     Juleah finished 10th out of 120 fencers at the Division 1 NAC in Senior Women's Epee in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in April 2010.  She was eliminated in the round of 16 by a score of 15 to 8 by Kelly Hurley, the only women's epee fencer from the United States to compete at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

ACFA Fencers Compete
at Summer National Championships
AC Fencers competed at the Summer National Championships in Grapevine, Texas, from July 3 - 13, 2009. Here are the results:

Youth 10 Men's Epee (50)
Jordan McCormack - 48th (Tie)
Youth 10 Women's Epee (24)
** Lexi Martin - 14th
Youth 10 Men's Foil (101)
** Ashton Thephaphine - 31st
Jordan McCormack - 84th
Youth 10 Women's Foil (56)
Lexi Martin - 43rd
Annelise Coury - 52nd (Tie)
Youth 12 Men's Epee (116)
Joshua McCormack - 72nd
Noah Glenn - 80th
Jordan McCormack - 112th (Tie)
Youth 12 Women's Epee (55)
Stephanie Cunningham - 40th
Youth 12 Men's Foil (186)
Ashton Thephaphine - 133rd
Noah Glenn - 153rd
Jordan McCormack - 166th
Joshua McCormack - 183rd
Youth 12 Women's Foil (90)
Claudia Wrampelmeier - 42nd
Stephanie Cunningham - 70th
Rhyann Bryant - 89th
Lexi Martin - 90th
Youth 14 Men's Epee (164)
Derik Nusz - 42nd
Travis Conway - 79th (Tie)
Noah Glenn - 161st
Joshua James - 162nd (Tie)
Youth 14 Women's Epee (117)
Stephanie Cunningham - 106th
Alexandria Ragsdale - 115th
Youth 14 Men's Foil (192)
Travis Conway - 57th
Luke Castleman - 114th (Tie)
Youth 14 Women's Foil (107)
Alexandria Ragsdale - 106th (Tie) ##
Youth 14 Women's Saber (82)
Claudia Wrampelmeier - 63rd
Cadet (U16) Men's Epee (122)
** Jered Wilkinson - 19th
Derik Nusz -44th
Cadet (U16) Women's Epee (111)
Alexandria Ragsdale - 86th (Tie)
Cadet (U16) Men's Foil (138)
Travis Conway - 117th
Cadet (U16) Women's Foil (86)
Alexandria Ragsdale - 77th

Junior (U19) Women's Epee (97)
** Juleah Nusz - 1st (Gold Medal)
Junior (U19) Men's Foil (131)
Jeremy Bauman - 130th
Veteran 50 Men's Epee (47)
** Chuck Slaughter - 27th (Tie)
Veteran 50 Men's Saber (33)
** Craig Ledford - 14th
Division 1 Women's Epee (49)
** Juleah Nusz - 27th
Division 1A Women's Epee (69)
Juleah Nusz - 5th (Finalist)
Division 1A Men's Foil (90)
Jeremy Bauman - 51st (Tie)
Division 2 Men's Epee (121)
Derik Nusz - 53rd
Division 2 Women's Epee (113)
Caitlin Carroll - 86th
Division 2 Men's Foil (151)
Josh Evans - 44th (Tie)
Justin Stephens - 57th
Division 2 Women's Foil (133)
Caitlin Carroll - 108th
Division 2 Men's Saber (117)
Trey Sluder - 50th
Craig Ledford - 106th
Division 2 Women's Saber (69)
Caitlin Carroll - 61st
Division 3 Men's Epee (133) 
Jeremy Bauman - 10th
Derik Nusz - 52nd
Division 3 Men's Foil (154)
Justin Stephens - 12th
Trey Sluder - 29th
Ryan Ward - 101 (Tie)
Jonathan Ross - 152nd
Division 3 Men's Saber (107)
Josh Evans - 40th (Tie)
Craig Ledford - 68th

**  Earned National Points
##  Medical Withdrawal after Pools

Everything That Can Go Wrong in a Bout, Will!

The 10th Annual Amarillo Open Fencing Tournament
October 3-4, 2009
Amarillo College Washington Street Campus
Carter Fitness Center & ACFA Fencing Salle
24th Street & Washington, Amarillo, TX
ACFA has reserved the parking lot on the east side of Carter Fitness Center for the competitors and tournament staff.  Enter the parking lot on the north side off 24th Street. 
Aaron Clements will chair the bout committee.  Other referees include David Sierra, Andrew Lambdin-Abraham, Jay Young, Cynthia Savino, Chuck Slaughter, Bary Nusz, Ben Simpson and Skeeter Wilkinson.  Additional referees who will compete in some events but referee in others include:  Jared Slaughter, Juleah Nusz, Katherine Fulghum, Sarah Loeppke, Casey Blough, and Daniel Rios.  Additional referees may be added before the tournament.

  • Senior Mixed Foil
  • Senior Mixed Epee
  • Senior Mixed Saber
  • Senior Women's Foil
  • Senior Women's Epee
  • Junior Mixed Foil
  • Junior Mixed Epee
  • Youth 14 Mixed Foil
  • Youth 14 Mixed Epee
  • Youth 10-12 Mixed Foil
  • Youth 10-12 Mixed Epee
  • Youth 10-12 Mixed Saber


$20 Tournament Registration Fee (if pre-registered on Ask FRED)
$50 Tournament Registration Fe (if NOT pre-registered on Ask FRED)
$20 for each Senior Mixed Open Event
$15 for each Junior Mixed Open or Senior Women's Open Event
$10 for each Youth 10-12 or Youth 14 Event
Medals for the top 8 fencers will be awarded in every event except Y10-12 Mixed Saber, where only 4 medals will be presented because only 3 fencers pre-registered. 
The Gold Medalists in the three Senior Mixed Open events will win a katana.  The Gold Medalists in the Women and Junior events will win an original painting with a foil or epee theme.  The youth events awards have yet to be determined.
Swordmasters will be serving as the exclusive vendor for the tournament.  They have also been hired to provide 7 grounded strips and scoreboxes to go along with the two grounded strips owned by ACFA.
Chuck Slaughter
Bary Nusz

AC Fencers Compete at
"Crown of Texas"
ACFA had the largest contingent of fencers at the Crown of Texas Fencing Tournament recently held in Amarillo.  There were 31 fencers present from 9 clubs, which were:
Amarillo College Fencing Association (Amarillo) - 8 fencers; Salle de Long (El Paso) - 7 fencers; New Mexico Fencers Club (Albuquerque) - 4 fencers; High Plains Fencing (Host Club from Amarillo) - 4 fencers; Redlands Fencing Center (Oklahoma City) - 3 fencers; Fayetteville Fencing Club (Fayetteville, AR) - 2 fencers; Fencing Institute of Texas (Dallas) - 1 fencer; Northern Colorado Fencers (Boulder, CO) - 1 fencer; and University of Florida Fencing Team - 1 fencer.
Three ACFA fencers earned new ratings:
Jered Wilkinson earned his A09 in Epee.
Justin Stephens earned his C09 in Foil.
Jay Young earned his E09 in Foil.
Final Results for ACFA fencers are:
Jered Wilkinson
1st - Senior Mixed Epee
Justin Stephens
1st - Senior Mixed Foil
2nd - Junior Mixed Foil
Claudia Wrampelmeier
3rd - Youth 14 Mixed Foil
Noah Glenn
5th - Youth 14 Mixed Epee
Calvin Wilkinson
6th - Senior Mixed Epee
Caitlin Carroll
7th - Junior Mixed Foil
12th - Senior Mixed Foil
13th - Senior Mixed Epee
Jay Young
8th - Senior Mixed Foil
8th - Senior Mixed Epee
Joseph Hendricks
9th - Senior Mixed Foil

AC Fencers Compete at
"Santa Fe Challenge"
ACFA sent six fencers to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to compete in the "Santa Fe Challenge" Fencing Tournament on Saturday, May 16th.   Juleah Nusz, Jered Wilkinson, Bary Nusz, Derik Nusz, Travis Conway and Alexandria Ragsdale competed in the three epee competitions.
In the Senior Mixed Epee competition, Jered Wilkinson took the Silver Medal for 2nd place, losing to Gavin Medley of New Mexico in the final in priority 14-13.  Gavin Medley represented the USA at the recent World Championships in Cadet Men's Epee.  Derik Nusz earned the Bronze Medal in a tie for 3rd and earned his B09 rating in epee.  Derik beat A ranked Kathryn Bernstein to reach the semi-finals.  Ms. Bernstein is nationally ranked in Junior and Division 1 Women's Epee.  Juleah Nusz finished 9th, Bary Nusz finished 12th, Travis Conway finished 16th and Alex Ragsdale finished 22nd.  There were 33 competitors in the competition.
In the Senior Women's Epee competition there were 10 competitors and 5 of them were A ranked fencers.  Juleah Nusz took the Gold Medal for her 1st place finish and Alex finished 10th for a valiant effort in which she scored points in every bout fenced, including her bouts against A ranked fencers.  (There were 3 A ranked fencers in her 5 person pool.  That is more difficult than most national events!)
In the Youth 14 Mixed Epee competition, Derik Nusz and Travis Conway finished with the Gold and Silver respectively.  Travis beat A ranked Nina Van Loon to reach the Gold Medal bout.  Ms. Van Loon is nationally ranked in Cadet, Junior and Division 1 Women's Epee and is also the number 1 ranked Youth 14 Women's Epee fencer in the USA.  Alex Ragsdale finished in 10th place.  There were 19 fencers in the event.
This was Alex' very first tournament outside of the Plains Texas Division.  Congratulations to All!

Amarillo College RYC Fencing
Tournament Final Results
Fencers from Texas, New Mexico and Kansas competed at the first ever Amarillo College Regional Youth Circuit Fencing Tournament on February 7-8, 2009, at AC's East Campus Student Activity Center.  The competitors sought to win medals in foil, epee and sabre competitions in Youth 10, Youth 12 and Youth 14 age groups.  All fencers competing in the Y10 and Y12 categories became eligible to compete at Summer Nationals in that weapon and age group by virtue of them competing at the AC RYC.

AC Fencers Compete in Falcon Open at the U.S. Air Force Academy
Caitlin Carroll wins Gold
in Senior Women's Foil
     Caitlin Carroll won the Gold Medal in Senior Women's Foil at the Falcon Open Fencing Tournament at the U.S. Air Force Academy.  Caitlin also took 6th Place in Senior Women's Epee, 9th Place in Senior Mixed Foil, and 32nd Place in Senior Mixed Epee.  She also earned her D09 rating in foil and renewed her D09 rating in epee.
Trey Sluder wins Silver
in Senior Mixed Sabre
   Trey Sluder won the Silver Medal in Senior Mixed Sabre at the Falcon Open Fencing Tournament.  Trey also took 12th Place in Senior Mixed Foil.
Jeremy Bauman & Justin Stephens
in Top 8 in Senior Mixed Foil
   Jeremy Bauman took 5th Place and Justin Stephens took 8th Place in Senior Mixed Foil.  In Senior Mixed Sabre, Jeremy finished 20th and Justin was 25th.  Finally, Ryan Ward competed in his first ever tournament outside the Division in Senior Mixed Foil, where he placed 34th.

Ashton Thephaphine & Claudia Wrampelmeier
Earn Gold and Silver at DeGall Memorial
     ACFA fencers Ashton Thephaphine, Claudia Wrampelmeier and Cole Wrampelmeier competed at the DeGall Memorial Fencing Tournament the weekend before Christmas in Farmer's Branch, Texas.  Farmer's Branch is a suburb of Dallas.
     Ashton won the Gold Medal in Youth 12 Men's Foil and Claudia won the Silver Medal in Youth 12 Women's Foil.  Claudia also earned 6th place in Youth 12 Mixed Sabre.  Cole competed in Open Foil and Open Epee but did not make it to the quarter-finals.  Complete results can be found on the Tournament Results page or by clicking here.

AC Youth Fencers Win 4 Gold Medals
at Duke City Fencing Youth Tournament
in Albuquerque, New Mexico
ACFA sent seven youth fencers to a non-USFA youth fencing tournament hosted by Duke City Fencing Club in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on November 15, 2008.  The competition held mixed foil and epee events in Youth 10, 12 and 14 age groups and ACFA took the gold medals in 4 of the 6 events.
Derik Nusz won the gold medal in Youth 14 Foil and Epee.  Ashton Thephaphine won the gold medal in Youth 10 Foil.  Claudia Wrampemeier won the gold medal in Youth 12 Foil.  Other ACFA fencers who competed were Josh James, Stephanie Cunningham and Rhyann Bryant.  Eric Bearden, a student in the Amarillo College Intermediate Youth Fencing Class also competed in the tournament.
A complete list of the events' results in which our fencers competed may be found HERE.

Juleah Nusz Wins Gold Medal
at North American Cup Tournament
in St. Louis, Missouri
ACFA fencer Juleah Nusz won the Gold Medal in the Cadet Women's Epee event at the North American Cup Fencing Tournament in St. Louis, Missouri, on November 9th.  Juleah finished 5th after pools and then won her first two direct elimination bouts.  Then she lost and had to fence in repechage to get back into the finals.  She won her next bout handily and then beat Nina Van Loon in the quarter-finals; beat Nik Nik Ameli in the semi-finals; and Katherine Holmes in the finals to win her very first National Gold Medal outside a Super Youth Circuit.  Congratulations, Juleah!

Juleah Nusz takes Silver Medal at USFA Summer National Championships
AC Fencer Juleah Nusz earned the Silver Medal for her 2nd place finish in Cadet Women's Epee at the USFA Summer National Championships in San Jose, California, on July 2nd.  She also earned her A08 classification in Epee.  This is the highest finish ever at the National Championships for a fencer from Amarillo College.  Congratulations Juleah!

Caitlin Carroll & Juleah Nusz

Caitlin Carroll Medals at USFA Summer National Championships
AC Fencer Caitlin Carroll advanced to the Quarter Finals in the Division III National Championships in Cadet Women's Epee at the USFA Summer National Championships in San Jose, California, on July 7th.  Caitlin earned a National Finalist Medal and her D08 classification in Epee for her efforts.  Congratulations Caitlin!

2007-2008 Plains Texas - New Mexico Cup
Winners Announced
Amarillo College Fencers took three of the six Plains Texas - New Mexico Cup Awards for the 2007-2008 fencing season.  They are:
Senior Men's Foil
Senior Women's Epee
Senior Men's Sabre
Rounding out the awards were three fencers from the New Mexico Fencers Club.  John Arnold won Senior Men's Epee.  Allison Treloar won Senior Women's Foil.  Cynthia Savino won Senior Women's Sabre.
We would like to recognize all of the AC Fencers who competed.  You might be surprised who from ACFA was in the running for the awards at the end of the season.

Travis Conway Earns National Medal at North American Cup Tournament
AC Fencer Travis Conway was a finalist in Youth 14 Men's Epee at the North American Cup Fencing Tournament held in November in Dallas, Texas.  Travis placed 8th place and earned his first national medal for his efforts.  Jered Wilkinson placed 18th and Derik Nusz was 27th in the same event.  All three young men earned national points in Y14 Men's Epee.  Congratulations to all!

Congratulations to the following fencers who qualified at the Plains Texas Division Qualification Tournament to compete at the 2008 Junior Olympic Championships in Charlotte, North Carolina:
Jeremy Bauman
Sarah Burton
Caitlin Carroll
Erik Evans
Kent Hilton
Derik Nusz
Shannen Weeks
ACFA fencer Juleah Nusz is an "automatic" qualifier to the Junior Olympic Championships in Junior and Cadet Women's Epee since she is already on the National Rolling Point Standings in those events.
Complete Qualification Tournament results can be seen on Ask FRED.  Click here!


Juleah finished 24th out of 228 total fencers at the McDonald Cup Fencing Tournament in Heidenheim, Germany, on November 24-25, 2007.  This is a USFA Cadet Women's Epee Designated Tournament for national points.  Out of the 16 fencers from the USA, Juleah was the second highest finish.  The only girl who finished higher is Emily D'Agostino and she finished in 1st place with the Gold Medal.
This tournament had FOUR rounds of pools.  Juleah's results:
Pool Round 1 - 5 victories, 0 losses (60 fencers were eliminated in this round)
Pool Round 2 - 5 victories, 1 loss (48 fencers were eliminated in this round)
Pool Round 3 - 4 victories, 1 loss (36 fencers were eliminated in this round)
Pool Round 4 - 2 victories, 4 losses (24 fencers were eliminated in this round)
After the pool rounds, there are only 64 fencers left.  Juleah's final pool round significantly hurt her in the seedings in the round of 64.  She was seeded 46th out of the 64.  In the round of 64, they have repechage.  You have 3 chances to win 2 bouts to advance to the round of 32.  So if you win the first two bouts, you move to the round of 32.  If you lose the first bout, you fence another first time loser.  Then the winner of that bout fences the loser of the bout where 2 first time winners fenced.  Then the winner of that bout advances.  That is the route Juleah took in the round of 32.
In the round of 64:
Juleah LOST the bout with Sina Dostert of Germany 14 - 15.
Juleah WON the bout with Jennie McGeever of Great Britain 15 - 10.
Juleah WON the bout with Michaela Rein of Germany 15 - 11.
Juleah then advanced to the round of 32 where all the fencers are re-seeded based on the pool results.  This time Juleah was seeded 29th out of the 32.  Again, her last pool results hurt her in the seedings.  Repechage starts all over again.  You get to fence until you either lose 2 bouts or make the top 8.  Once the top 8 are established, repechage is over and the top 8 fencers fence direct single elimination until a winner is determined.
In the round of 32:
Juleah LOST her bout with Britta Schmid of Germany 13 - 14.
Juleah WON her bout with Sandra Tassel of France 15 - 7.
Juleah LOST her bout with Yulia Bakhareva of Russia 14 - 15.
Juleah was eliminated by the girl who finished 10th overall by just one point.  She finished in the bracket of 17 to 24 but based on her pool results, her final place was 24th.
Everyone at ACFA should be very proud of her accomplishment.  She finished as the 2nd highest fencer from the United States.  She earned national points for her finish.  Most importantly, she fenced her best with the best Cadet Women Epee fencers in the world and was competitive.  The two bouts she lost in the round of 32 were both by ONE point.



USFA names Coach Slaughter 2006 Volunteer Coach of the Year

The U.S. Fencing Association (USFA) has named Chuck Slaughter, youth coach at Amarillo College Fencing Association (ACFA), their 2006 USFA Volunteer Coach of the Year.

The USFA asked clubs to nominate coaches from across the county for consideration. Volunteer coaches do not receive payment in any form for coaching at any level.

Slaughter will become the USFA candidate for the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) 2006 Volunteer Coach of the Year.

The USOC sponsors the yearly Coaching Recognition Program to acknowledge all coaches for their contributions and to elevate the status of the coaching profession. Every year each of the 47 sports federation members of the USOC is asked to submit candidates in four different coaching categories: volunteer coach, developmental coach, national coach, and a science in coaching award.

ACFA Head Coach Richard Howard also was considered for the USFA volunteer coaching honor.

Congratulations to them both!



Amarillo College youth coach Chuck Slaughter was one of five finalists for the 2006 U.S. Olympic Committee Volunteer Coach of the Year award. The USOC announced the finalists March 26, along with the finalists for the National Coach of the Year and Developmental Coach of the Year. There were 19 volunteer coaches considered for the award.  The eventual winner was a track and field coach from Los Angeles, California.

The USOC chose the five finalists after all Olympic and Pan American sport organizations selected their 2006 National, Developmental and/or Volunteer Coaches of the Year as part of the USOC Coach of the Year recognition program.

ACFA 2007-2008 Fall Kickoff
A Huge Success!
The ACFA Fall Kickoff Tournament was a huge success with 17 fencers competing in a foil tournament run by Fencing "Godfather" Robert Bauman.  Robert reviewed the various "bribes" and "suggestions" made by the fencers, priced them accordingly and issued the edicts to the referees.
Fencers were even more inventive this year than our first event of this nature two years ago.  Some of the bribes included forcing your opponen to:
  • fence using his opposite hand.
  • fence with an eyepatch on one eye.
  • fence without being able to parry.
  • fence without being able to advance on the strip.
  • fence with wrist weights on his/her fencing arm.
  • fence while singing.
  • fence while wearing a sabre lame and/or sabre mask.

Fencers could also rent a variety of t-shirts, which had different cut-outs and were worn over the lame; significantly reducing the target area for one's opponent.

One fencer paid to allow both fencers to use a sabre in the other hand that could be used to parry during the bout.

During the pool bouts, Gene Branum, a late arrival, was available as the "Godfather's hitman."  For a price, you could hire Gene to fence one or more of your bouts in your place.  Even though Gene did not fence for himself in the pool rounds, he took the last seed into the direct elimination round.  Still, he was available for hire during the DE's; sometime fencing both his own bouts and those of his clients.

One of the most interesting and expensive bribes was the "reverse the curse" bribe.  This bribe had to be bought ahead of time.  When the referee was presented a bribe from one fencer, and the "reverse the curse" bribe was presented by the second fencer, all of the things that the first fencer had paid for were turned around on him.  An example of how destructive this bribe was when Zach Taylor presented his bribes to the referee in his bout against Caitlin Carroll.  Zach paid to have Gene fence as his "hitman," and have Caitlin fence with her opposite hand and with an eyepatch.  Caitlin countered with her "reverse the curse" bribe.  As a result, Gene fenced for Caitlin and Zach had to wear the eyepatch and fence with his opposite hand.

Our honorary ACFA member, Martin Roth-Kronwall, also competed and he lost a pool bout when Calvin Wilkinson presented his bribe to the referee with just a few seconds left in the bout.  With Martin leading the bout by one point, Calvin's bribe "reversed the scores" and Martin was unable to score in the few remaining seconds.  Trey Sluder later tried to slow down Martin by forcing him to use a # 2 sized foil in a DE bout, not realizing that the shorter blade actually made it easier for Martin to fence in close distance.

Martin retaliated in a later bout against Trey, during repechage, by requiring Trey to state loudly after each point earned by Martin, "Oh Mighty Viking, it is an honor to be hit by you."  Trey then had to bow to Martin.

Even Chuck was not immune to the bribes as a referee.  One fencer (not sure who) paid to make Chuck referee a bout with his back to the strip, while looking in the mirror.  Kent Hilton paid to make Chuck, while the referee in Kent's bout, state loudly to everyone in the salle "I love you Kent," every time Kent made a point.  I believe that Chuck plans on suggesting that Kent get some counseling for that one.

Everyone sat out on the grass in neighboring Memorial Park for lunch between the pool bouts and the DE bouts.  Our armorers, Willi Willis and Skeeter Wilkinson, were recognized for the work they do for the club.

This fundraising kickoff tournament earned approximately $370 for the salle.  This money will be used to purchase new equipment; most likely 1 or 2 new reels for our strips.

Final Results
1.  Martin Roth Kronwall
2.  Gene Branum
3. (tie)  Derik Nusz
3. (tie)  Zach Taylor
5.  Caitlin Carroll
6.  Cole Wrampelmeier
7.  Trey Sluder
8.  Hans Mylant
9.  Calvin Wilkinson
10.  Jered Wilkinson
11.  Kent Hilton
12.  Jeremy Bauman
13.  Erik Evans
14.  Claudia Wrampelmeier
15.  Josh Evans
16.  Juleah Nusz (withdrew due to injury)
17.  Chris Wrampelmeier (withdrew after pools)
A special "Turkey Trophy" was presented to Zach Taylor who spent approximately $57 dollars on bribes, some of which were "reversed" back on him during the tournament.

Fencers from Amarillo College Fencing Association are competing at the USFA Summer National Championships in Miami, Florida, from June 29 to July 8, 2007.  Results will be posted here as they become available.
Under 19 (Junior) Women's Epee - 19th out of 93
Under 16 (Cadet) Women's Epee - 5th out of 94
Youth 14 Women's Epee - 5th out of 92
Youth 12 Men's Foil - 115th out of 183
Youth 12 Men's Epee - 15th of of 97
Youth 10 Women's Foil - 35th out of 46
Youth 10 Women's Sabre - 22nd out of 24
Under 16 (Cadet) Men's Foil - 101st out of 148
Under 16 (Cadet) Men's Epee - 85th out of 118
Division 2 Men's Foil - 62nd out of 143
Division 3 Men's Epee - 31st out of 93
Division 2 Men's Sabre - 82nd out of 110
Veteran 40 Men's Sabre - 13th out of 15
Division 3 Men's Foil - 96th out of 126
Division 2 Men's Sabre - 102nd out of 110
Division 3 Men's Sabre - 74th out of 87
Division 2 Men's Foil - 73rd out of 143
Also competing are the following seconday members of ACFA, fencing for Double T Fencing Club:
Division 2 Men's Epee - 71st out of 108
Division 3 Men's Epee - 70th out of 93
Division 2 Men's Epee - 81st out of 108
Division 3 Men's Epee - 79th out of 93

The 2006-2007 Plains Texas Division Cup Awards have been announced by the Division for this past fencing season and fencers from ACFA dominated the awards.  The Division announced the following winners:
Josh Evans (ACFA)
Victoria Conoley (HPF)
Cole Wrampelmeier  (ACFA)
Caitlin Carroll  (ACFA)
Josh Evans  (ACFA)
Cole Merki  (ACFA)
Cole Merki  (ACFA)

Juleah Nusz places 20th at International Cadet Women's Epee competition in Bonn, Germany!
ACFA fencer Juleah Nusz, along with 9 other girls from the United States competed in an international Cadet Women's Epee fencing competition in Bonn, Germany, on January 27-28, 2007.  The competition included fencers from the United States, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Estonia, Netherlands and Great Britain.  They sent 183 girls to represent their countries in this highly regarded competition.
The German format for the competition included 3 rounds of pools on Saturday.  Round # 1 eliminated 50 percent of the competition.  Round # 2 eliminated an additional one-third.  Round # 3 reduced the field to 64 fencers who returned on Sunday for the elimination rounds.  In the round of 64 (with repechage), a fencer had to win at least two bouts to advance to the round of 32.  If you lost one bout, you had one more opportunity to win two bouts in the loser's bracket.  That reduced the field to 32 (with repechage).  Any fencer who lost two bouts in the round of 32 was eliminated.  When there were 4 fencers from the winner's bracket and 4 fencers from the loser's bracket left, the winners were paired against the losers in a single elimination bracket from the round of 8 until the Gold Medal bout.
Juleah won her first DE bout against German fencer Walz 15-13 and then her second win came with a score of 15-14 against Swedish fencer Veggo who was seeded # 5 after the pools.  After re-seeding the bracket of 32, Juleah was paired once again against Veggo, who got some measure of revenge against Juleah with a 15-13 win.  Juleah then won her next bout 15-11 against German fencer Hanfler.  In her last bout, Juleah fell behind 9 to 4 against Werner, from Germany, and then rallied to tie the bout at 11.  After Werner gained a slight edge at 14-13, the fencers doubled out and Juleah was eliminated.  Veggo went on to fence in the semi-finals, losing to an Estonian fencer who beat Juleah 5-4 in one of the pool rounds.
At the conclusion of fencing, Juleah placed 20th overall, out of 183 fencers, earning National points for her finish.  The other USA girls in the top 32 were:  Hannah Safford (5th); Suzi Scanlan (13th); and Amrit Bhinder (28th).


A large group of ACFA fencers travelled to Lubbock, Texas, to compete in the 2007 Texas Tech Open Fencing Tournament which was held February 3-4.  A number of our AC fencers competed in their very first tournament.


Four ACFA youth fencers competed in Dallas at a Regional Youth Circuit Fencing Tournament on January 27-28, 2007.  Claudia Wrampelmeier, Derik Nusz, Cole Merki and Jered Wilkinson represented both ACFA and the Plains Texas Division well in the competition.


On Monday, November 27th, Channel 10 visited the fencing salle and filmed a news story about our very own Juleah Nusz.   Click here for a link to a video of local news coverage about Juleah.
Amarillo College website publishes article about Amarillo College Fencing Association and Juleah Nusz.   Go to and click on the article at the bottom of the page.

Amarillo Globe News Story about Juleah Nusz


ACFA 1st Annual Club Kickoff and Family Picnic a Big Success
"Make me an offer I can't refuse!"
     ACFA's fall kickoff evolved into a fun filled blend of great fencing and wholesale corruption as the club kickoff tournament got started on Saturday morning, August 27, 2005.  The pool bouts set the stage when the coaches allocated the pools by placing all of the top club fencers in the same pool.  That made for a very strange tableau into the direct elimination bouts where all fencers had the opportunity to purchase points based on their foil classification.  Unrated fencers could buy 8 points per DE bout, while E's could buy 6, D's could buy 4, and C's could buy 2 points.
     Fencers decided that simply buying points was not going to be sufficient to knock out ACFA's highest ranked fencers so outright bribery became the norm during this fun kickoff tournament.  It seemed that our less experienced fencers took to heart the phrase "Make me an offer I can't refuse." 
     Fencers used their imagination to discover ways to beat the B, C and D ranked fencers in the salle.  The only things that were not allowed were conditions that would create an unsafe bout or conditions that would affect "right of way" during the bouts.  For example, one bribe refused by officials was an attempt to purchase "right of way" for an entire bout.
     Among the more imaginative bribes of the day included:
  • many fencers bribed the officials to require their opponent to fence with their opposite hand (our left handed fencers seemed pleased to assist by loaning equipment);
  • Caitlin & Jered W bribed officials to require their opponent to wear an eyepatch on one eye;
  • Annette bribed the officials to require Noah to wear prescription glasses that were not his own;
  • Annette bribed officials to require Jeremy to wear two gloves on the hand holding the foil to make it more difficult to maintain a proper grip.  This one backfired because Jeremy did the same thing to Annette in the same bout.
  • Bary bribed officials to allow him to wear his plastic chest protector directly under his lame rather than under his jacket.  He says it saved him at least 3 points when his opponent should have earned a touch but the light did not go off.

     There were 22 fencers who competed in this fun event and $377 was "collected" by our enforcers in the form of "buying points" and "bribing officials" to purchase some new equipment for the salle.

     The coaches would like to thank all of the fencers who participated for their good sportsmanship; especially Josh, Jared, Alex, Danny, Ben, Gene, Noah and Cole who graciously submitted themselves to the disabilities being forced upon them during the bouts. 

     Obviously, this tournament was NOT sanctioned by USFA.  We may, however, be approached by certain criminal syndicates who would like to be associated with the tournament next year.  Some of our younger fencers took to the "corruption" in this tournament quite easily.  (Kind of scary, isn't it?)

     After the pool bouts and before the direct eliminations began, all the fencers and their families went out to the park next to the college and had a family picnic.  The kids broke a pinata after eating lunch, celebrating Zachary Taylor's birthday.  Coach Howard announced the appointment of Noah Burner as the newest "Red Shirt" in the salle, joining the other "Red Shirts" as assistant coaches in the beginning adult fencing class.

     We would also like to thank Mark Tickner who provided the awards given out to the top 4 fencers in the tournament. 

After Bribes, Point Purchases & Bout
1.  Jeremy Bauman
2.  Derik Nusz
3. Tie  Cole Wrampelmeier  (lost to Derik fencing with opposite hand)
3. Tie  Caitlin Carroll  (lost bout with Jeremy where both fenced with opposite hand)
5.  Jered Wilkinson
6.  Ben Simpson  (lost to Cole fencing with opposite hand)
7.  Kent Hilton
8.  Calvin Wilkinson
9.  Michael Blank
10.  Danny Tickner  (lost to Caitlin fencing with opposite hand & an eyepatch)
11.  Gene Branum  (lost to Derik fencing with opposite hand)
12.  Mike Akins  (lost wearing a wrist weight on his fencing arm under his glove/jacket)
13.  Josh Evans  (lost to Kent fencing with opposite hand)
14.  Juleah Nusz
15.  Alex Laugesen  (lost to Jered W fencing with an eyepatch)
16.  Annette Melius
17.  Erik Evans
18.  Zachary Taylor
19.  Jared Slaughter  (lost to Cole fencing with opposite hand)
20.  Noah Burner  (lost to Annette fencing with her prescription sunglasses)
21.  Bary Nusz
22.  Nathan Bradley

The following are informal journal entries by Derik and Juleah Nusz about their experiences at Summer Nationals in Sacramento.  This was their first National tournament. 

July 1: I competed in Y-14 epee today. I didn't do so well.I could have won all the bouts I lost. For some reason I was fencing below all my opponents. I finished 4th out of 6 in the pools. I finished in 60th. Nationals is really big. It's hard to get to the other side of it without running into other people. I saw Sergei Golubitsky. I didn't feel very good after I lost my first DE bout. I bought a shirt that said "Do you fence as dumb as you look?"

July 2: I got to coach Derik and I got my coach's credentials. Derik would not listen to me and took everything I said negatively. So I gave up on that. Derik did OK in the pools. It's kind of irritating having to move all around to the different strips. There are at least 60 strips. I couldn't see Derik's bout too well because Mom forgot to come over and help me move all our stuff. I saw Derik doing the same stuff over and over again.

July 3: I felt really good going into it knowing I could take this tournament and take the disappointment of the first day and fuel the fire to destroy my opponents. I saw Golubitsky again. He remembered Daddy and me, and he shook my hand and wished me luck. That made me feel special. In the pools, I destroyed all my opponents except for one and that one I lost 4-5. I was ranked 9th out of 44 after the pools. I had to fence some girl who was pretty easy. I figured her out right away. Then I had to fence the fencer ranked 4th in the nation. I won the first bout 3-2. She won the second bout 3-5. I won the last bout 5-4 after coming back from 1-4. I felt really good and I let her know that she was a really good fencer. Daddy kept telling me to get just one point each time. Then I fenced Stephenson. She's ranked 3rd in the country. I won the first bout. She won the second bout pretty easily. I fought the third bout but she won 5-4. I was kind of sad, but I was in the top 8 in nationals and her team was telling me "good job" and "you're a really good fencer". I felt better after that. I didn't get to fence on the raised strip. It was pretty fun watching the finals. The C-ranked person had her distance and timing down perfectly. She won. We then had the medal ceremony. I told my parents I would not get 8th and I didn't. I got 7th. It felt really good because I was standing up with nationally ranked people who are the best in the nation and I've beat some of them. I got my picture taken and I got a really neat medal. It felt really good to have an E in epee finally. It felt good to get the first national medal for ACFA.


June 30: Went to Las Vegas. On the way I saw Lake Meade and the Grand Canyon, and my dad and I tracked the plane into Las Vegas. Then we took a plane to San Jose and saw Death Valley. Then we went to Stockton.

July 1: I rode in the front seat of the car and went to Nationals and sat. I saw the capitol and the governor's mansion and Old Sacramento. I picked grapefruit with a picker. I ate the grapefruit. It was good.

July 2: I went to fencing. I won 4 out of 6. Then we went to the DE's. I WAS ROBBED! I finished in the 30s. Then we ate. I rode in the car with Clara (my two-year-old second cousin).

July 3: We went to fencing. I got my coach's credentials. I bought a fencing bear. I named him Bob. I caught a fly with my hands and threw it on the floor and it bounced and flew away. I don't think it will live long. I got to go into the pod. I sat there and bugged Juleah and beat on her back. I thought Juleah was selfish because she didn't share her fudge pops with me. (She received two fudge pops with her 7th place medal.) We went home and ate pizza.


July 8, 2005

By Aaron Graves

They now number six.

Six Dalhart natives have taken up the sport of fencing, known among laymen as "sword fighting". The fencing bug hit Dalhart a couple years ago, and now two of the six are good enough to compete nationally.

John Miller and Raymond Weld qualified to compete at the United States Fencing Association’s Summer Nationals in Sacramento, Calif. Both Miller and Weld placed well at the Plains Texas Fencing Championship held April 10 in Lubbock.

Weld won the Division III Men’s Epee competition in Lubbock. It was his second tournament win. Miller placed sixth in the Division II Men’s Foil competition.

In fencing, there are three kinds of weapons: foil, epee and saber. Each weapon used has its own scoring.

The foil, which Miller prefers, has a flexible rectangular blade about 35 inches in length. Points are scored when the tip of the blade lands in the torso area of the body.

The epee (pronounced EPP-pay), which Weld prefers, has a stiffer, triangular blade and is basically a dueling sword. Points are scored when the tip hits any part of the body.

Weld, who works as a chiropractor, made a surprising decision not to compete at the summer nationals, which was held earlier this month. Weld not only faced scheduling conflicts, but he preferred to hone his skills another year before making a stab (no pun intended) at the nationals.

Miller, pastor at the Nazarene Church, went to nationals for the sheer experience of it.

"It was a pretty neat experience, a 30 year dream come true," Miller said.

Miller tried to enter the fencing world when he was 18. At the time, it was a very elite sport and he could not get in. When Dr. Weld started fencing at Amarillo College a couple of years ago, Miller started tagging along.

Now, at 51, Miller found himself in the Sacramento Convention Center surrounded by 2,000 other fencers.

Miller qualified to compete on three different levels: Veterans, Division II and Division III. Being short on time and finances, Miller decided to fight it out in Division III.

In fencing, Division I, II and III denote skill level. The best ten percent of the nation’s fencers compete at Level I.

Miller fought six three minute battles in pool play July 5 to determine seedings for the direct-elimination bracket. In bracket play, the games are fought in three three-minute rounds with one minute breaks. The first one to 15 points, or the one with the most points at the end of the third round, wins.

In the bracket, Miller took out his first opponent. Two other fencers from the Amarillo College Fencing Association, Cole Wrampelmeier and Stephen Brown, fell in the first round.

Miller’s excitement got the best of him in the next game. He fell to Chris Pinkowski of Southern Calif.

"The coach said I could have beat him, but I rushed it," Miller said. Moving in too quick and aggressive can leave you vulnerable for attack, Miller explained.

Miller finished 104th out of 179 in the Men’s Division III Foil, and Pinkowski went on to finish 12th.

Although Weld did not join Miller and the other AC fencing students in Sacramento, he had an incredible journey of his own.

Weld accompanied his son, William, on a boys’ choir trip to England in March.

Weld made contact with the London Thames Fencing Club before leaving, and he received an invitation to come fence with some of England’s finest. Members of the club have won numerous All-England championships. Winston Churchill was a member of the club.

Weld fought nine matches and beat three of the club members. He scored 10 or more points in all of his matches.

"They were awesome fencers," Weld said. "It was a wonderful experience. I hope to go back and do better next time."

Weld’s tournament win at Lubbock was a nail-biter. He did not fair well in pool play and ended up in the middle of the seeding. He then went on to beat the number one seed 15-6. In the championship match, Weld won by one point.

The excitement and the challenge, along with the romance of it all, is what draws people to fencing.

"Once you’re addicted, that’s just it, you’re addicted," Weld said.

"It keeps me in shape," Miller said. "It is physically and mentally challenging. It’s a lot of fun. It’s the most intense game of tag you’ll ever play."

Miller compared fencing to a game of chess because you have to think several moves ahead. You spend time learning your opponent’s favorite moves and then use those against him.

"The first attack rarely lands a point," Miller said. "You have to set them up with something else in mind and hope they’re not setting you up."

The other four fencers in Dalhart are Annette Mellius, Allyn Mellius, Jacob Miller, and Jesse Cassidy. The Amarillo College fencing roster includes 58 students, 45 of which compete.

Juleah Nusz, a 12 year old member of the AC team, placed 7th in the Youth 12 Women’s Epee competition at Sacramento.

Both Miller and Weld plan on continuing to pursue their passion when the next fencing season starts this fall. Both want to maintain and increase their present rankings within the USFA. Miller wants to branch out to learn the saber. Both also look forward to the nationals next year.

We asked Miller what his congregation thinks about his fencing hobby. Overall, he has found no objections.

"Besides who’s going to argue with a pastor with a sword," Miller said, jokingly.