1999 New Mexico Tech Fall Open Fencing Tournament

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1999 New Mexico Tech Fall Open Fencing Tournament
New Mexico Tech University
Socorro, New Mexico
October 30, 1999

Open Epee

1 Brad Baker NMT

2 Kris Haskins NMT

3 Dom Peterson NMT

4 James Campbell Los Alamos

5 Mike Ross Texas Excalibur

6 Scott Colderwood UTEP

7 Tom Hill Los Alamos

8 Quentin Lightbourn NMT

9 Christoph Koller UNM

10 Jihoon Choi UTEP

11 Rodrigo Rodriguez UTEP

12 Mike Perley NMT

13 Mandy Grizzle NMT

14 Alex Lechuga UTEP

15 Chris Rogers Texas Excalibur

Open Foil

1 Rob Madril St. Mike's

2 Augusto Roman NMSU D99

3 Craig Galanter Texas Excalibur D99

4 Kris Haskins NMT

5 Nick Hopkins NMSU E99

6 Brad Baker NMT

7 Jihoon Choi UTEP

8 Patrick Toohey

9 Mike Ross Texas Excalibur

10 Scott Colderwoo

11 Dom Peterson NMT

12 Josh Evans Amarillo College

13 Robert Browning Sandia

14 Alex Lechuga UTEP

15 Carl Murphy St. Mike's

16 Hillary Morgan Amarillo College

17 Aaron Morgan Amarillo College

18 Matt Hite Amarillo College

19 Chuck Rhode Los Alamos

20 Daniel Kiphart St. Mike's

21 Rodrigo Rodriguez UTEP

22 Luke Schmitt St. Mike's

23 Michelle Lacko Amarillo College

24 David Weinreb

25 Chris Rogers Texas Excalibur

26 Mike Thompson NMT

27 Ed Pogue St. Mike's

28 Dan Williams Los Alamos

29 Emma Bunkley St. Mike's

30 Alexa Auerbach St. Mike's

31 Quentin Lightbourn NMT

32 Jarret Civelli St. Mike's

33 Michael Thomas St. Mike's

34 Mike Perley NMT

35 JonathanCarabahal St. Mike's

36 Spencer Schweitze St. Mike's

37 Mandy Grizzle NMT

38 Robert Sisneros St. Mike's

Cadet Foil

1 Carl Murphy St. Mike's D99

2 Aaron Morgan Amarillo College E99

3 Josh Evans Amarillo College E99

4 HillaryMorgan Amarillo College

5 Luke Schmitt St. Mike's

6 Mike Ross Texas Excalibur

7 Daniel Kiphart St. Mike's

8 Ed Pogue St. Mike's

9 Jarret Civelli St. Mike's

10 Jon Carabahal St. Mike's

11 Mike Perley NMT

12 Emma Bunkley St. Mike's

13 MichaelThomas St. Mike's

14 SpencerSchweitzer St. Mike's

15 Robert Sisneros St. Mike's

Women's Foil

1 Diana Sitze NMSU E99

2 Hillary Morgan Amarillo College

3 Alex Luchuga UTEP

4 MandyGrizzle NMT

5 Alex Auerbach St. Mike's

6 Emma Bunkley St. Mike's

7 Michelle Lacko Amarillo College