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This page is devoted to the publishing of Juleah Nusz' names for the fencers at Amarillo College.
The coaches and board members of ACFA bear no responsibility for name assignments.  Juleah is wholly responsible.  Complain to her if you don't like your name.
Everything after this sentence is from Juleah.

Coaches have Icelandic names and four identification digits after their name.


Club members have Icelandic names and three identification digits after their names.


Intermediate youth have Russian names and two identification digits after their name until they wish to become a Club member at which time they will receive an Icelandic name and three identification digits.


Identification digits are used to identify you from the other people of your name. No one else with your name has the same number as you.


Government-given names:

Batch #1(In no particular order)



Richard H. – Njál-4055

Chuck S. – Baldur-1001

Josh E. – Friđţjófur-3605

Jay Y. – Steinţór-2384


Club members


Derik N. – Finnur-457

Jered W. – Háfdan-235

Calvin W. – Haldór-336

Kent H. – Bjarni-754

Juleah N. – Sigrún-113

Shannen W. – Solveig-342

Sarah B. – Gudrún-279

Jonathan R. – Valdemar-872

Claudia W. – Freyja-223

Caitlin C. – Yrsa-448

Jeremy B. – Kjartan-688

Noah G. – Olaf-196

Travis C. – Hákon-840

Hans M. – Eiríkur-625

Craig L. – Vernharđur-284

Nathan B. – Njörđur-552

Gene B. – Hjálmtýr-104

Bary N. – Grímólfur-792

Daniel R. – Runólfs-581

Trey S. – Sólmundur-399

Erik E. – Diđriks-621

Ashton T. – Hallvarđur-189


Intermediate youth


Aaron A. – Sasha-52

Sam H. – Yuri-14


Failure to recite your government-given name and number will result in your immediate erasing.