2006 Cliff Wilson Memorial Fencing Tournament Results

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Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas
October 14-15, 2006
E and Under Senior Mixed Epee
1.  Noah Burner (ACFA) - Earned D06
2.  Michael Akins (ACFA) - Earned E06
3 Tie.  Jeremy Bauman (ACFA) - Earned E06
3 Tie.  Matt Hite (HPF) - Earned E06
5.  Jared Brandon (DTFC)
6.  Mark Webb (DTFC)
7.  Jonathan Sosa (DTFC)
8.  Ryan Moglia (HPF)
9.  Thomas Conoley (HPF)
10.  Daniel Merki (ACFA)
11.  Alejandro Magallanes (HPF)
12.  Jonathan Chesser (HPF)
13.  Bobby Gattis (DTFC)
14.  Christina Freitag (DTFC)
15.  Emily Akins (ACFA)
16.  Christie Madsen (NTFC)
E and Under Senior Mixed Foil
1.  Mike Akins (ACFA) - Earned D06
2.  Jared Brandon (DTFC) - Earned E06
3 Tie.  Kent Hilton (ACFA) - Earned E06
3 Tie.  Drew Brandon (DTFC) - Earned E06
5.  Allyn Melius (ACFA)
6.  Alejandro Magallanes (HPF)
7.  Anthony Diller (HPF)
8.  Chris Wrampelmeier (ACFA)
9.  Caitlin Carroll (ACFA)
10.  Annette Melius (ACFA)
11.  Jonathan Chesser (HPF)
12.  Erik Evans (ACFA)
13.  Daniel Ross (ACFA)
14.  Daniel Merki (ACFA)
15.  Ryan Moglia (HPF)
16.  Emily Akins (ACFA)
17.  Joseph Aultman (DTFC)
18.  Jonathan Ross (ACFA)
E and Under Senior Mixed Saber
1.  Cole Wrampelmeier (ACFA) - Earned E06
2.  Josh Evans (ACFA)
3 Tie.  Craig Ledford (ACFA)
3 Tie.  Chris Wrampelmeier (ACFA)
5.  Drew Brandon
6.  Kent Hilton (ACFA)
7.  Jared Brandon (DTFC)
8.  Jeremy Bauman (ACFA)
Youth 14 Mixed Epee
1.  Cole Merki (ACFA)
2.  Alejandro Magallanes (HPF)
3.  Emily Akins (ACFA)
Youth 14 Mixed Foil
1.  Alejandro Magallanes (HPF)
2.  Cole Merki (ACFA)
3 Tie.  Emily Akins (ACFA)
3 Tie.  Grady Thompson (ACFA)
5.  Travis Conway (ACFA)
6.  Jackson Dodd (ACFA)
Youth 12 Mixed Foil
1.  Cole Merki (ACFA)
2.  Claudia Wrampelmeier (ACFA)
3 Tie.  Jackson Dodd (ACFA)
3 Tie.  Travis Conway (ACFA)
5.  Grady Thompson (ACFA)
ACFA - Amarillo College Fencing Association, Amarillo, TX
DTFC - Double T Fencing Club, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX
HPF - High Plains Fencing, Amarillo, TX
NTFC - North Texas Fencing Club, Denton, TX