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2000 Falcon Open Fencing Tournament

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Falcon Open Fencing Tournament
United States Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, Colorado
January 23, 2000

Open Mixed Foil

1 Deuter, Katrin NCF

2 Habermann, Blake NCF

3 Perry, Cameron NCF

4 Hopkins, Nicholas NMSU

5 Jones, Chris Falcon

6 Oliphint, Ryan Amarillo College Salle de Armes

7 Horanyi, Andras NCF

8 Roman, Augusto NMSU

9 Scaggs, Damon Lincoln Fencing

10 Fettig, Adam Cheyenne Fencing

11 Chiman, Nick NCF

12 Fox, Paige Cheyenne Fencing

13 Pickett, Chris CU

14 McNeal, Antoine Falcon

15 Chalaire, Kim Olde Towne Fencing

16 Medley, Doug Falcon

17 McQueen, James None

18 Smolensky, Brian Falcon

19 Beski, Johnny Cheyenne Fencing

19 Starr, Michael-Bob Salle loomis

21 Goshorn, John UC

22 Morgan, Aaron Amarillo College Salle d' Armes

23 McGlade, Grace NCF

23 Romney, Jason NMTFC

25 Hurwitz, Tanya Gascon

26 Slaughter, Jared Amarillo College Salle d' Armes

27 Haskins, Kris NMTFC

28 Recame, Sean Falcon

29 Pickard, Galen Fort Collins

30 Loomis, Janet Salle loomis

31 Evans, Josh Amarillo College Salle d' Armes

31 Hite, Matt Amarillo College Salle d' Armes

33 Irvine, Mark Pikes Peak

34 Morgan, Hillary Amarillo College Salle d' Armes

35 Tromey, Tom NCF

36 Rodtiguez, William Falcon

37 Fitterman, Ben NCF

38 Luciano, Joseph Pikes Peak

39 Wenner, Kristin Falcon

40 Toohey, Patrcik Sandia Fencing

41 Sitze, Diana NMSU

42 Slaughter, Chuck Amarillo College Salle d' Armes

43 Kucia, Margret Falcon

44 Hellenberg, Katrine Falcon

45 Grizzle, Amanda NMTFC

46 Metthe, Sarah Falcon

46 Weinreb, David Sandia Fencing

48 Grace, Finnigan-Fox NCF

48 Mcgue, Brian Minot

Open Mixed Epee

1 Kelsey, Seth Falcon From A to A00

2 Bremer, Eli Falcon From U to C00

3 Logatchov, Nickolay Pierre Le Chat From E to C00

3 Martin, James none From A to A00

5 Cross, James Denver From B98 to A00

6 Beski, Johnny LFS From D99 to D00

7 Pryor, Anthony Falcon From u to E00

8 Hynes, Martin none From u to E00

9 Powell, Laura Falcon From u to E00

10 Mifsud, Paul NMFC

11 Keating, Bill Pierre Le Chat

12 Black, Harold PLC

13 Rees, Dan DFC

14 Peciak, Jan CFS

15 Gettys, Will Falcon

16 McGlade, Jasmine Northern Colorado

17 Keeley, Joe DFC

18 Huff, David NCF

19 Huan, Jonathan Falcon

20 Fettig, Adam Cheyenne

21 Nagy, Stefan Falcon

22 Fox, Paige Cheyenne

23 Lawrence, Steve NMFC

24 Burrill, Elia Falcon

25 Murphy-Price, Marion NCF

26 Henshaw fcf

27 Corey, Doug none

28 Brown, Justin Falcon

29 Horgan, Candace Cheyenne

30 Hill, Tom Los Alamos

31 Deis, Ryan Falcon

32 Graham, Darlene Pierre Le Chat

33 Pestotnik, Sharol Pierre Le Chat

34 Stafurik, John Los Alamos

35 Myers, Karen Cheyenne

36 Vodjansky, Eugene

37 Sugrue, Kimberly Falcon

38 Moody, Jimmy NCF

39 Wright, Neal NCF

40 Loomis, Louis DFC

41 Budd, John Cheyenne

42 Brown, Morgan Northern Colorado

43 Wihera, Tim CFS

44 Kane, Alex CR Fencing

45 Tumbel, Anton Pierre Le Chat

46 Meagher, Patrick CU Fencing

47 Vedder, Leslie Northern Colorado

48 Bochler, Katrina NCF



1 Goering Bill

2 Logotchov Nicolay

3 Blas Sean

4 Legatt Harry

5 Held Jason

6 Manning Joshua

7 Lathrop Frederic

8 Hunt Corey

9 McNulty Joe

10 Pagano Steve

11 Parks Jared

12 Scaggs Damon

13 Bush Joshua

14 McKeever Ken

15 Eischen Terri

16 Diaz Jonathon

17 Becker Zach

18 Modell Janet

19 Thompson Joe

20 Gilbert John

21 Mosnik Stephanie

22 Rasmussen Jamie

23 Greig Andrew

24 Vodjansky Matt

25 Rix Andrea